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File Forensic Analysis
Analyze all non-deleted files in a directory and send the output file to your email directly using this tool. This tool applies the following checks:
  • Identifies any big files (by default files larger than 10mb, this limit can be changed in the code)
  • Match file contents against set a of keywords which are placed in the keywords1.txt (eg. "confidential", "password", by default only first 1mb of file is checked)
HarvestIn is a LinkedIn Recon Tool which authenticates to the LinkedIn API and uses the API to perform several tasks such as:
  • Harvest Information from Profiles
  • Automated Connection Requests
DefCred ​
DefCred is tool for searching of default credentials for network devices, web applications and more. Search through 523 vendors and their 2084 default passwords.
E-commerce Website ​
E-Commerce Website which
  • Allows users to buy easily products of various categories.
  • Allows vendors to sell their products directly to the consumers.
  • Provides a platform to connect buyers and vendors.
  • Provides an admin page which can monitor user accounts and activity.
This website is based on the principles of software engineering.
Caltalk App on Google Play Store
Voice/Manual calculator for the visually impaired by providing voice command and high contrast buttons. 
Dentists Polyclinic Database Management System
Programmed a Database Management System for a Dentists’ Polyclinic in SQL which will generate MIS reports after the data is entered in the database 
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